DO and DO Era NYS&W Passenger Cars


NYSW 510, image by Shawn Noe

  Hello, the goal of this site is to chronicle the history of  passenger equipment owned by the Delaware Otsego System and DO era of the New York Susquehanna & Western.  While known as being a maverick in freight operations, the DO got its start in passenger service and operated a variety of private and public passenger trips on the NYS&W from almost day one until c. 2004.  From steam era passenger cars to full length dome cars, they certainly had a wide variety of equipment. 

Original DO Number Type History Photo 1 Photo 2 Photo 3 Post DO History
CACV 2/Franklin Lakes Business car Ex NYC/EL/D&H 300.  Formerly William White's car.       Static use for at Cooperstown offices.  For sale?
CACV 4/Otsego Lake Business Car Ex Pullman Hidden Lake, Erie 4, EL 4, Ex Hoboken Shore Railroad (HSR).  Ran on the D&H anniversary special 4/1973 on HSR colors before it was repainted.       Adjacent to Wortendyke, NJ train station.  Privately owned.
CACV 5 See 505          
CACV 6/Lake Wallenpaupack Sleeper Ex New Haven 527 Bailey's Beach, ex Long Island RR 2076 Salunga, sold to Tuman Demoltion 1976.    


Damaged by runaway freight cars, scrapped in Utica.
CACV 7 Diner Ex D&H 152.  Purchased for original DO operation.       Scrapped at Little Ferry March 1983.
CACV 8/Goodyear Lake Combine Ex CNJ.  Original DO coach.        Donated to Susquehanna Chapter, NRHS Binghamton.  Vandalized and latter scrapped.
Canadarago Lake
Coach Ex CNJ?  Original DO coach.        Possibly the former DO 993, which could be the original CNJ number.  On the Lackawaxen & Stourbridge Railroad in Honesdale, PA.  Mostly still in DO maroon/gold with DO name.
CACV 12 Coach Ex CNJ?  Original DO coach.         
CACV 13 See 508          
500 (1) Steam generator Ex AT&SF 3932, AT 1137       Scrapped Utica c. 2004?
500 (2) Concession car Ex LI 2782, 2644       Property of NYSW T&HS
501 (1) Dome Ex ATSF 513, AT 524       Sold to Westtours, now owned by Iowa Pacific as "Columbia View."
501 (2) Generator Car/Coach Ex CDOT?       To Kentucky Railway Museum 501
502 Dome Ex ATSF 553, AT 515       Sold to Westtours, now by Canon City & Royal Gorge Railway.
503 Dome Ex ATSF 508, AT 520       Sold to Westtours, now owned by Iowa Pacific as "Canyon View."
504 (1) Dome Ex ATSF 554, AT 510       Sold to Westtours, now owned by Iowa Pacific as "Summit View."
504 (2) Coach Ex Erie, EL, Steamtown Foundation 1070       Sold for use as a restaurant in Cooperstown Jct., NY
505 Dome Ex CB&Q 360, BN 1190, AMTK 3900 Ex CACV 5/Great Sacandaga      Sold to a private owner 2000.
507 Lounge Ex C&O 1972, ACL, SCL 5994, AT 594       To CSXT 994500 Ohio (2)
508 (1) Diner Ex ATSF 1480, AMTK 8032 Ex CACV 13     Damaged by runaway freight cars, scrapped in Utica.
508 (2) Diner Ex NH "county" diner 901, ex Otter Valley Railroad Sutherland Falls Club       Two different NYSW schemes- one with all fluting and a maroon band, other with no fluting and all maroon.  Sold to NS?
509 Dome/inspection car Ex UP 9002, AT 902.  "The Popemobile".       Sold to private owner or CSX?
510 Observation Ex D&RGW Otto Kuhler       For sale?
993 Coach Ex CNJ 993.  Purchased for original DO operation.  Possibly became CACV 9?       ?
520 Coach Ex NYC 2906, AMTK 5644 Leased from Western New York Railway Historical Society.       Returned at end of lease.
521 Coach Ex NYC 2915, AMTK 5651     Returned at end of lease.
522 Coach Ex NYC 2932, AMTK 5681     Returned at end of lease.
523 Coach Ex NYC 2941, AMTK 5682     Returned at end of lease.
524 Coach Ex NYC 2918, AMTK 5677     "
530 Coach Ex LIRR 2862, 2636       To NYS&W T&HS.
531 Coach Ex LIRR 2868, 2640       "
532 Coach Ex LIRR 2788, 2673       "
533 Coach Ex LIRR 2782, 2652       "
534 Coach Ex LIRR 2798, 2606        
535 Coach Ex SOU 842, NS 842 Former NS Steam program car     To CSXT 994325 (or 994525?) Tennessee
536 Coach Ex SOU 843, NS 843 "     To New York & Greenwood Lake Railway 536
599 Coach Ex CN 4596, CV 385, 4100?       Never used in service.  Used as offices, Rochelle Park, NJ.  Since sold and moved to a museum in Virginia. 
610 Sleeper Ex L&N Green Pine, AT 610?       Never used.  Scrapped?  Sold?
2472 Coach Ex LIRR 2472 Purchased, never renovated      
2474 Coach Ex LIRR 2474 "      
M-5 RDC-1 Ex NH 23, AMTK 18, MN 18


      Sold to the Conway Scenic Railway and renumbered #23.
M-6 RDC-1 Ex NH 37, AMTK 11, MN 11


M-7 RDC-1 Ex NH 43, CDOT 43, MN 43       Sold to the Southern Railroad of New Jersey
M-8 RDC-1 Ex NYC M-465, MN 65        
? Dome Ex UP 7007, AT 705.  Used in excursion service briefly.       Sold in 2000.
? Dome Ex ATSF 512, AT 541       Sold to Westtours, now owned by Iowa Pacific as "Alpine View."
? Buffet Ex WAB 1430, AT 570       Used for years as Binghamton yard office, scrapped in place 2011.
? Dome Ex 510 ATSF, AT 522       Sold to Westtours, now owned by Iowa Pacific as "Sunset View."
? Dome Ex ATSF 509, AT 521       Sold to Westtours, now owned by Iowa Pacific as "Cascade View."
? Dome Ex ATSF 555, AT 511       Burned at Little Ferry, NJ.  Scrapped.
? Coach D&H 201.  Purchased for original  DO operation.


? Club Diner Ex NH 217 Windham County, OVR 901, AMT 17 "Sunderland Falls Club"      
? Sleeper Ex RF&P Spotsylvania County, AT 608 or 630?       Scrapped in Utica, 2004.
? Sleeper Ex ACL Parris Island (aka Magnolia Gardens?), OVR 902, AMTK 223       Damaged by runaway freight cars, scrapped in Utica.
? ? NYSW 900 Cinnabar?        
? Coach Ex PRR, Ex ADK 68        
? Parlor Ex LV 1551 Black Diamond, RV 1551       Property of the Rahway Valley RR when acquired by DO, moved to Cooperstown for office/storage space.  Was mostly gutted.  Since sold and moved.  Disposition unknown.

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